General rental conditions

For Guesthouse Pirilampo

Guesthouse Pirilampo Saramagal

C.C.I. 701
8550-375 Monchique


These general reservation and rental conditions are part of the agreement between you (hereinafter called the guest) and us (hereinafter referred to as Pirilampo). By transferring the required down payment, the guest agrees to the terms and conditions below.


The guest can book, via Internet, email or phone. Pirilampo will confirm the reservation by email.
Upon receipt of confirmation, the guest will make a down payment within 7 days after the confirmation of the reservation on the bank account of Pirilampo. After transfer of the down payment, the reservation is binding. The confirmation and these conditions together are the rental agreement.


The down payment amounting to a minimum of 2 days fee of the planned reservation must be transferred within 7 days after the date of confirmation, unless otherwise stated. When the payment date is exceeded, Pirilampo has the right to consider the reservation as dissolved and to release the accommodation again for rental. Final payment of the rent should take place upon arrival at Pirilampo.


Cancellation is only possible in writing. In case of cancellation, the guest will be charged the following amounts:

  • Until 60 days before the starting date of the rental period: no extra charge. 25% of the down payment already received will be refunded to the guest.
  • 30 days before the starting date of the rental period: the already received down payment will not be refunded.

If Pirilampo, due to circumstances (including force majeure) is forced to cancel the rental, the guest will be notified in writing. The already received down payment will be refunded to the guest. The guest has no more rights than the refund of the amount already paid.

Included in the rent

The rent includes normal use of electricity and water and regular cleaning of bed, kitchen and bathroom linen. Your apartment is cleaned twice a week. The guests declare that the accommodation will be used in a neat way and to leave it in an undamaged state at departure.

Additional costs

A cleaning fee of € 60 will be charged.

Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival, the accommodation can be used after 16:00pm, unless agreed otherwise. On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 11:00am. Exceptions to this rule can be discussed in individual cases. A late arrival or early departure gives the tenant no right to a refund of the rent or part thereof.

Use and liability

  • The guest is not allowed to have more people sleep in the accommodation or use the facilities than the number specified in the reservation, unless otherwise agreed by Pirilampo.
  • The guest declares to take good care of the property during the rental period and is liable for any damage caused during the stay. Any damage caused by act or omission of the guest shall be settled immediately. Emergencies and damages have to be reported to Pirilampo immediately. The guest will also be liable for unreported damages. Pirilampo is not liable for defects and functioning of technical installations and equipment.
  • Repair or replacement does not entitle the guest to the reimbursement of (part of) the rent. Pirilampo will ensure that repair or replacement will take place as quickly as possible.
  • Smoking is not allowed. If guests smoke indoors, an additional € 150 will be charged to the guest for cleaning the room.
  • Manuals and documentation, provided to guests in the accommodation by Pirilampo, have been made available as a service to the guest and belong to the household.

Pirilampo cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage, theft or loss of property of the guest. Pirilampo is not liable for any damages the guests and his companions suffer from any cause related to the accommodation.

Pirilampo assumes no liability for:

a) Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or following a stay at Pirilampo.
b) Break down or disabling of technical equipment and failure or closure of facilities in Pirilampo.
2) The tenant and the person accompanying him or her are jointly and personally liable for any loss and / or damage to Pirilampo and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay, whether caused by acts or omissions by themselves or by third parties who are in Pirilampo due to their actions.
3) Pets are not allowed unless otherwise agreed with Pirilampo.
4) If any tenant experiences hindrance from another tenant and notifies Pirilampo thereof, Pirilampo is committed to take appropriate action.

Price (changes)

The (total) price is set, based on the rates applicable at the time of the agreement, by Pirilampo. If, after setting the price, additional costs resulting from an increase in expenses and / or charges that directly relate to the property come up, they can be passed on, even after the finalization of the agreement, to the tenant.

All prices quoted on the website are in euros and include the applicable VAT rate. The prices are exclusive of tax, other levies and / or taxes (administration) and other costs (whether imposed by the government) fees unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Extension of stay is possible depending on the availability. Pirilampo is always entitled to reject.

Portuguese law is applicable to this rental agreement.